Before You Learn To Code - The Critical Things You NEED to Know

Avoid the mistakes, dead-ends and bad decisions that cause the majority of people to give up when learning to code.

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Why does Elon Musk obsess about a SpaceX shutting being just one degree "off course"?

Because that's enough to miss an entire planet.

If you are seriously thinking you want to learn to code, you need a solid plan and clear direction.

You wouldn't hiking in a new country without a map or a guide, would you?

I made the mistake of just diving in. And I lost 4 years of my life and almost half a million dollars in potential income because I did not know what I was getting into.  I only knew that I wanted to learn to code.

But that's not a plan.  That's an outcome. Knowing what you want doesn't tell you how to get it.   Plus - how do you even know you'll like being a coder if you've never been a coder?

When I figured out how to learn to code I did it in less than 8 months and got all 4 engineering jobs I interviewed for.  A year later I got into Google.

Arnold Glasow said "Success is simple.  Just do the right things at the right time in the right way."

Yeah. Real easy.

That's why I made this course. 

In 5 sections I'll show you how to break down the goal into the right steps in the right order, so you don't have to lose time and money (like I did)

This course gives you:

  • clarity on what you should aim for
  • all the tools you need to work out where to start, what to focus on, what to avoid, and how to tell the difference between what is critical, and what is "nice to have"
  • protection against the common traps that people fall into, and which will waste so many months that you will likely give up "3 feet from the diamond"

Listen, everything is easy when you know how! This course is designed to give you the "know how". 


The Power Of Code


Get it right

A proven training program to teach you how to navigate the journey of learning to code in an efficient way that does not waste your time, energy and money.


Whatever your goal - get a 6 figure coding job, build your own startup, become a product manager - learn how to make the world your oyster


Acquire the skills that unlocks your freedom, financial security, abundant global opportunities, and exciting work with incredible colleagues

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There is too much information in the world, but not enough insight.  If information was enough, you'd have reached your goals by now.  

Insider Insights from within the industry is what separates the successful from the failures.


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All those doubts you have in your head? I had them too...



Before You Learn To Code - The Critical Things You NEED to Know

I changed the name of this course to the "Life Saver" Course for a reason.  Before they found me, a huge number of my students tried to learn to code and gave up in less than 8 weeks.  Why?   Seneca gave the answer 2000 years ago. "If you don't know to which port you are sailing, no wind is favorable."   In other words, if you have no idea what to expect, where to start, what is important and what is not, how much is enough, etc...well then how can you possibly know you're heading in the right direction?   When I got all 4 jobs that I applied for, I had been  applying my system to learning to skills for less than 8 months.  This was because after many years of trial and error, I realised that the reason I'd failed so may times was because I had no system, no plan, no short, I had no clue.   The moment I signed on to my first job as a developer I decided on two things: 1) To document all the things I SHOULD have known before I even started to learn to code. 2) I was going to get into a big tech company.   For (1), I spent the next month producing this course For (2) I had to evolve a RADICALLY different plan.  And having an engineering job and tons of direct experience on the hiring side in 3 industries helped a lot.  About 12 months later I joined Google as an engineer.   This course is the course I wish I'd had - it would have saved me 4 years and about half a million dollars in lost income.  But...better late than never.   And now you don't need to make the mistakes I made.   Here's my promise to you.  This course will save you at least 75 hours of your time. If your hourly wage works out to only $20 that is $1500 worth of your time.  At least. But more importantly, think of how much progress you could make in that time, if we were focusing in the important learning.  

$37.00 USD